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Abeil SA was founded in the year 1870 in Aurillac, in the heart of Cantal, in the Auvergne Region of France.

For a century Abeil manufactured quilts and bed covers for primarily local markets.

At the end of the 1960’s, the firm developed and launched a new product for the French market: “the synthetic quilt”, a quilt filled with carded polyester fiber, this revolutionary concept having just arrived from Germany.

After various investments, Abeil transformed its product catalogue from 1994 to 1997, which has translated into an annual turnover increase of 12% during the 2000s.

Usine de frabrication Aurillac Espace logistique Lempdes

2006: Abeil SA invests in a new logistical platform, near Clermont-Ferrand and significant transport corridors.

 June 2011: Abeil SA is acquired by the German group Eurocomfort, European leader in the manufacture of quilts, pillows and bedding.  Its vision, means and ambitions for the French brand have perfectly positioned Eurocomfort to ensure the French manufacturer’s long-term success.

 Now a new member of the Group Eurocomfort, Abeil SA has begun to re-master the French and European markets.  And thus employment can be preserved and developed in France.


 January 2013: The French brand returns to the market with a new graphic style and a whole new range of products.

Abeil is back…’au coeur de votre sommeil.’