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To help to protect our planet, Abeil produces a range of products which contribute to the protection of Mother Earth.

Since joining the Eurocomfort Group, Abeil has integrated and adopted the waste reduction policies of the Group and will soon have achieved its certification ISO 14001.

                                                          Cyclafill® is a 100% recycled and recyclable polyester filling.

 This filling comes from a superior recycling of plastic mineral water bottles which have been meticulously sorted in two separate processes.  This fiber is known for its fluffy softness and silkiness, offering a maximum level of comfort and well-being.

 With the brand Cyclafill ®, Abeil has recycled more than 100 million bottles since 2004.


Organic cotton

 Our organic cotton comes from organic farming but is also GOTS certified.

 GOTS : Global Organic Textile Standard takes into account each step of textile production: raw fibers must be certified as organic and each production process must follow environmental and societal standards.


Lyocell® is a natural cellulose fiber created in a uniquely organic way: fiber produced from wood pulp (deciduous trees, eucalyptus, bamboo...)

 This fiber offers all of the advantages of a natural 100% biodegradable material.

 Lyocell® fiber optimises humidity and warmth control.  It breathes with the body, rapidly absorbs excess humidity in order to perfectly conserve heat.